Stream C - Category B - Entrance Requirements

Applicants Entering Directly from High School or Transferring from Another Faculty/Program


In order to obtain a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Winnipeg, students must complete 90 credit hours of course work. Within these 90 credit hours, students must complete a Major, and must fulfill the Humanities, Science, and Academic Writing requirements.

Upon successful completion of the program, students may apply to the Manitoba Child Day Care Program (Manitoba Family Services and Housing) for Early Childhood Educator (ECE) III classification.

Overview of Requirements for the BA

For Graduation: Minimum 90 credit hours (courses completed at UW) Additionally, students will complete the required courses at RRC to earn an ECE Diploma (students will be granted credit for one year of the two-year ECE program on the basis of their UW courses ).

Major Requirement in Developmental Studies: Minimum 42 credit hours (27 credit hours of Core and 15 credit hours of Specialization courses)

Humanities Requirement: 12 credit hours

Science Requirement: 6 credit hours

Writing Requirement: All students entering from high school, except those exempt from the Writing Requirement, are required to take Academic Writing before their 42nd credit hour of study. The University of Winnipeg’s General Calendar contains further information on placement and exemption.

Electives: courses taken to total 90 credit hours

Maximum credit hours below the 2000 level: Of the 90 credit hours of University courses required for the BA, students may include a maximum of 42 credit hours below the 2000 level (i.e., first year courses).

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