Stream C - Category B - Program of Studies

Information for Applicants Entering Directly from High School or Transferring from Another Faculty/Program

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The program of studies will consist of:

Year 1: 30 credit hours of Introductory level courses at UW, with PSYC-1000 Introduction to Psychology highly recommended.
Year 2: Stream C Core courses at UW, and Practicum 2 at RRC/CUSB in the Spring
Year 3:Courses at RRC/CUSB (Year 2 of the two-year ECE program)
Year 4: Stream C Specialization courses at UW

Required Courses - CORE (24 credit hours)

  • SOC-2115(6) Socialization and Development OR SOC-2103(6) Sociology of the Family
  • CRS-1200(6) Introduction to Conflict Resolution Studies
  • Human Development -- TWO of
    • PSYC-2200(3) Developmental Psychology I - Fundamentals
    • PSYC-3200(3) Developmental Psychology II - Childhood
    • DEV-3400(3) Applied Child Development
  • DEV-2004(3) Observation and Evaluation Techniques in Child Care Settings
  • DEV-3100(3) The Child, Family and Social Policy
  • DEV-3400(3) Parents, Families and Professionals in Child Care

NOTE: Students entering with a two-year ECE Diploma from RRC or CUSB will receive a waiver of PSYC-1000(6) Introductory Psychology and PSYC-2200(3) Developmental Psychology I: Fundamentals. Students will also receive a waiver of SOC-1101(6) Introductory Sociology ONLY for SOC-2115(6) Sociology of Socialization and Development. Students selecting the Child Care Administration specialization should take BUS-1201(3) Introduction to Business I and BUS-1202(3) Introduction to Business II in their first year.

Specialization Courses (15 credit hours)

Students may select a specialization in either Practice (Inclusion Concentration) or Child Care Administration.

Required Courses for Practice Specialization (Inclusion Concentration)

  • EDUC-2530(3) Introduction to Special Education (or approved alternate)
  • PSYC-3710(3) Abnormal Behavior in Children and Adolescents
  • DEV-3300(3) Speech and Language Disorders in Children
  • DEV-3610(3) Topics in Leadership in Early Childhood Education
  • DEV-3630(3) Advanced Internship

Required Courses for Child Care Administration Specialization

  • BUS-1201(3) Intoduction to Business I
  • BUS-1202(3) Introduction to Business II
  • BUS-2440(3) Introduction to Human Resource Management
  • DEV-3610(3) Topics in Leadership in Early Childhood Education
  • DEV-3630(3) Advanced Internship (3 credit hours)

Other Required Courses

The Core and Specialization courses total 39 credit hours. Students must also complete 12 credit hours to fulfill the Humanities Requirement, 6 credit hours to complete the Science Requirement, and 9 credit hours of electives to bring their total credit hours to 60.

Humanities (12 credit hours)
See General Calendar: Degree and Major Requirements, 2b, for a list of courses which fulfil the Humanities Requirement

Science (6 credit hours)
See General Calendar: Degree and Major Requirements, 2c, for a list of courses which fulfil the Science Requirement

Electives (to bring total to 90 credit hours)
Students with a Practice specialization are encouraged to select their elective from the following courses. 

  • CRS-2252(3) Conflict and Communication
  • CRS-2281(3) Selected Topics in Conflict Resolution Studies
  • KIN-3103(3) Adapted Physical Activity
  • PSYC-2620(3) Psycholinguistics
  • SOC-1103(3) Introduction to Disability Studies I
  • SOC-2108(3) Social Regulation

Students with a Child Care Administration specialization are encouraged to select their electives from the following courses.

  • BUS-2002(3) Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
  • BUS-2103(3) Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour
  • BUS-3110(3) Ethics in Management
  • BUS-3250(3) Not-for-Profit Management
  • IDS-4920(3) Program Planning in Development and Conflict Resolution
  • KIN-2101(3) Program Planning in Sport
  • POL-3300(3) Public Policy Process
  • POL-3320(3) Women and the Law
  • POL-3411(3) Aboriginal People and the Law I
  • POL-3415(3) Aboriginal People and the Law II
  • PSYC-2440(3) Organizational Psychology I
  • PSYC-2450(3) Organizational Psychology II
  • PSYC-3450(3) Organizational Leadership and Decision Making
  • PSYC-3480(3) Interpersonal Communication
  • REL-2802(3) Aboriginal and Christian Encounter
  • RHET-2131(3) Professional Style and Editing
  • SOC-2109(3) Social Policy and Social Welfare
  • SOC-2204(3) Occupations and Professions
  • SOC-3118(3) Women in Society

Prerequisites and Restrictions

Students should check individual course descriptions in the University of Winnipeg General Calendar for information on prerequisites or other restrictions.


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