Stream C - Category A - Internship

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All students in Stream C will be required to participate in an advanced internship in their selected area of specialization: Inclusion OR Child Care Administration. The goals of the internship will be to provide students with opportunities to integrate theoretical learning and practical experience. The internship will involve the equivalent of two days a week to be spent on-site at a designated internship setting in the final year of the program. Students will be required to develop a major project that provides a focused learning experience in their internship placement.

A Topics course will be taught in conjunction with the advanced internship where students will have an opportunity to exchange perspectives on a broad range of issues relating to their respective fields. Students will gain information and skills through in-class discussions and presentations, reporting on experiences gained through their internship placements, as well as through individual research and readings.

“Graduates from the UW Developmental Studies program are good team players, effective problem solvers and ECEs who tend to think outside the box.”

Developmental Studies Childcare Internship Supervisor, 2003

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