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All applications are submitted to, and processed by, the Admissions Office. Students who wish to apply for admission should consult the Admissions section of the University of Winnipeg's website. This section includes the online application form, as well as detailed information on the specific documents and fees that students must submit along with their application forms.

Students applying to Stream C must include additional documents with their application. These are outlined below:

A complete application consists of:

  • The University of Winnipeg's online Application for Admission for those applying for the first time.
  • Application fee and required documents (i.e. transcripts from high school or college)
  • Application to Stream C
  • Two letters of reference, at least one of which is from a colleague or supervisor in a job or volunteer experience.
  • Autobiography - Applicants must submit an autobiography with the Personal Information Sheet stapled on top. It should not exceed four (4) pages and should be submitted on plain white paper (8 1/2" x 11").
  • The purpose of the autobiography is to assist applicants in clarifying their ideas about themselves in relation to the childcare profession and to give the Selection Committee some basis upon which to determine applicants' admissibility. The autobiography will be treated as confidential information by the Committee.
  • The following guide may prove useful in the preparation of the autobiography. Applicants should feel free to include any additional information, which will assist the Selection Committee in assessing applicants' admissibility to the Developmental Studies - Stream C Program.
    Academic - Applicants should outline their academic careers including successes, failures and interests.
    Social and Work Experiences - Applicants should provide a description of their work experiences. They should also describe the associations and organizations to which they have belonged, and activities in which they have participated.
    Special Abilities - A description of applicants' special abilities in the areas of music, art, handicrafts, sport, drama, etc. should be provided.
    Professional - Applicants should indicate how they became interested in the childcare profession and why.
  • Criminal Record Check - It is strongly recommended that all potential Early Childhood Education students obtain an Investigation Authorization, which includes a Child Abuse Registration and a criminal record check through their local RCMP detachment, or the Winnipeg Police Service before starting classes. All employees of children's centres are required by law to complete a criminal record check to help ensure the safety of children. In addition, many centres require that students doing practicum experience complete a criminal record check.

Application Deadline Dates

For courses that begin in September 2015, students are encouraged to apply to Developmental Studies, Stream C by June 1, 2015. Since registration for Fall and Winter courses begins in mid-June, this application deadline will allow you to register for courses before they fill.  

For applications received after June 1, 2015, we will try to process your application so that your course selection is maximized; however, we cannot guarantee that you will get into all your preferred courses.

For courses that begin in January 2015, students are encouraged to apply to Developmental Studies, Stream C by November 1, 2014.

Part-Time Study

Some students may be admitted to part time study in Stream C. Please indicate in your autobiography if you wish to pursue the Program part time and the amount of time you have available to invest in the Program.

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